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Energy Saving Tips for your Tumble Dryer

Saving energy when using your tumble dryer can not only save you money but keep your machine running for a whole lot longer, preventing faults and breakdowns. In this article, we will share some top energy-saving tips to keep in mind when you're using your tumble dryer to keep it as energy efficient as possible.

Top Energy Saving Tips for your Tumble Dryer

To make the most of these tips you can watch our YouTube video or read the article below.

Loading your tumble dryer

The Empty Tumble Dryer Drum

Tip 1: Pre-plan washes

Try to pre-plan your laundry loads and dry items of a similar thickness together. This will help save on the amount of time spent using your dryer. If you're drying items that take a long time to dry in separate loads, your appliance will be on for longer and use more energy.

Tip 2: Do full loads

Try to do full loads as much as you can. Your tumble dryer will use up the same amount of energy heating the air and spinning the drum with a few clothes in as it would with lots of clothes in. So fill it up as much as you can but don't overload it as your clothes need space to move about inside and give the air room to circulate. About halfway full is a good guide.

Tip 3: Don't overfill

As mentioned above make sure you're not overfilling your tumble dryer. Doing so means your clothes will take longer to dry and will use up more energy. Overfilling also puts excess wear and tear on the internal parts of the machine.

Tip 4: Loading

When loading your tumble dryer, be sure not to just pile in big loads of items together. Instead, shake each item and detangle it. This will help your clothing dry much faster and they won't be as wrinkled when they come out. If you're washing things like duvet covers make sure you do up the buttons or fasteners as this will stop smaller items from getting stuck inside and not drying as well.

Tip 5: Use a fast spin on your washing machine

When washing items that will be going in the dryer, choose a faster spin on your washing machine settings. This will remove excess water and mean your items will dry faster.

Tip 6: Do all your drying in one day

When you have a big pile of laundry to dry, try to complete this all in the same day. Tumble drying one load after another means that your machine won't have to use as much energy to heat up each time as there will be residual heat inside the dryer from previous loads.

Tumble dryer settings

The Setting On The Tumble Dryer Control Panel

Tip: Use the auto dry function

Always consider using the auto dry function if your machine has this option. A timed cycle could leave your machine running after your items are already dry but the auto dry setting will only dry your clothes in the amount of time that they need.

Speed up drying

Energy Saving Tumble Dryer Balls

Tip: Use energy-saving dryer balls

To help speed up the drying process, use tumble dryer balls. The balls help to save you energy by speeding up the drying process. They separate your items to help air circulate around them meaning they will dry faster. They even reduce static in your clothing and can make them softer too.

For information on the benefits of tumble dryer balls and how to use them, take a look at our video:


The Tumble Dryer Lint Filter

Tip 1: Clean the lint filter

You should clean the lint filter on your tumble dryer after every cycle. A clogged lint filter will not only mean that your appliance will run less efficiently but it can also be a fire risk if the lint gets inside your machine.

Tip 2: Vented dryer

If you have a vented tumble dryer, make sure you regularly check the outside vent and the vent hose for any dust, lint or other debris. This will allow your dryer to vent air out safely and efficiently.

Tip 3: Condenser dryer

If you have a condenser tumble dryer, be sure to empty the condenser drawer of water after every single cycle.

Storing your tumble dryer

Storing The Tumble Dryer Correctly

Tip: Store in a warm place

If your tumble dryer is kept in a garage, lean-to or outer building it will use up more energy to heat up. Try to store your tumble dryer in a warmer area of your home if possible.

Dealing with faults

If your tumble dryer does develop a fault, you can save hundreds of pounds by repairing instead of replacing it. Join our mailing list below where you can stay up to date with repair and maintenance tips for all your household appliances as well as discounts and offers to help you save even more. 

If your tumble dryer cannot be fixed and you need to buy a new one, be sure to get one with a really good energy efficiency rating. These may be a bit more expensive but will save you money over the machine's life span.

For more advice on keeping your tumble dryer in top condition and prevent it from developing faults, you will need to give it a regular clean. Take a look at our article which will take you through how to clean your tumble dryer step by step.

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