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Washing Machine Door Won’t Close

When a fault happens to your washing machine door - usually it will prevent it from opening, resulting in your clothes residing in the drum for far longer than intended. However, what do you do when you’ve opened your washer door - loaded the laundry only to find the door won’t close!

Well just like the door remaining locked this too can be infuriating - however, don’t fret because we may be able to help you diagnose the fault and get your washing machine sealing shut in no time.

Cause 1

Door Lock

If your door refuses to close and the handle appears to be fine, this could likely be a fault with the door lock. If the door lock does not engage the latch the door will not lock - when this happens you will be stuck - not being able to wash your garments.

  • Check the door - you need to confirm that the lock engages correctly.
  • If there is power to the washing machine and the lock does not engage you will need to replace the lock.

If the lock no longer works as it should then here is our guide to replacing a faulty washing machine door lock. If a new lock is required, don’t worry because our range of washing machine spares can be found here and could help you restore your washer.

For help on replacing the faulty lock see our guide.

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