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Dyson Big Ball 2 Performance Issues

If you have noticed that your Big Ball 2 no longer performs as it should, you'll instantly find that you will struggle to clean your home effectively.

A lack of suction can be the result of many possible causes. Luckily our article here will run you through the more common reasons as to why your Dyson is struggling to perform, but also advises on potential fixes that can be made to help solve the problem and get your vacuum back to performing as you would expect.

Cause 1


Easy to look over - the cyclone becomes covered in dust that it can reduce the power your cleaner should produce. When this happens some simple maintenance can be taken to keep your Dyson running smoothly, and help ensure that it picks up the dirt and dust around your home effectively.

To clean the cyclone, take a soft bristle brush and clean the dust away. Never use water to clean the cyclone as this can damage it, which might then lead to you requiring a replacement.

While you are cleaning the cyclone it is also worth cleaning the bin. This can be washed with a damp cloth, remove the dust and make sure it dries before refitting it and testing the machine.

If while cleaning you notice that either the bin or cyclone has become damaged you will want to replace them luckily eSpares can help.

Cause 2


Blockages can plague your vacuum cleaner and greatly affect its cleaning performance. Blockages can be caused by accidentally sucking debris and other objects, such as socks for example, and if these objects don't make their way to the bin then you'll notice a sudden loss of suction power.

If you can identify a blockage relating to the wand, hose, handle or bin inlet you will want to safely remove the obstruction.

  • Start by removing any tools from the extension, you’ll want to extend the tube fully.
  • Now fully extended, turn your vacuum cleaner on.

Is the suction weak? If so then the blockage could be within the tube or hose. If the suction is back to its original power then the blockage could be within the floor tool.

If the hose and extension tube are the areas which are suffering, you will want to find and clear the blockage. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Begin by pressing the release catch this will separate the extension tube from the handle.
  • Next, find the release catch this will disconnect the hose from the wand handle and remove the hose from the cylinder body.
  • Inspect the extension tube, wand and hose for any blockages and clear them as necessary.
  • Once done you can re-fit the parts and then retest the vacuum cleaner.

This should hopefully have resolved the performance problem. If you have found that the wandhosehandle or bin have seen better days then you will want to consider a replacement. Luckily here at eSpares, we have a variety of replacement parts to help get your Dyson back-up and running.