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Dyson DC16 Stops Working

An underlying fault with your DC16 cleaner can lead it to stop and start while you are cleaning your home. Many may scrap their machine but with help from eSpares you'll be able to diagnose the problem and continue to clean your floors.

Cause 1

Thermal Cut Out

Your machine will suddenly stop running thanks to the thermal cut out. Like many appliances, a thermal cut out is installed as a safety feature - used to instantly cut the power when the motor overheats, preventing this can be quite simple.

Your motor can overheat due to there being a dirty filter. If not regularly cleaned the filter can prevent air from getting to the motor, therefore simply washing the filter can help ensure your vacuum can continue to run until the job is done.

What do you do however, once the thermal cut out has activated? 

  • Leave the machine to rest for up to one hour, and never charge the hoover while it's cooling down.
  • To help prevent overheating, do not clean up non-domestic materials. This can lead the vacuum to work harder resulting in the thermal cut out kicking in.

If the filters are beyond a simple wash then you may want to replace them, luckily we have a large range of replacement filters to help restore your Dyson and give you the ability to carry on with your vacuuming task.

Cause 2

Power Problems

Your vacuum cleaner could be cutting out because of sudden loss of power, this may occur randomly and leave you without the ability to use your machine leaving your floors to gather dirt.

If the power has suddenly cut out and your machine is showing one or three lights then checking the filter is the best place to start.

  • To inspect as to whether the filter is to blame, you will want to first separate the bin and cyclone from the main body and remove the filter (this will be the sponge and casing).
  • Find the metal disc, if it's missing it will need to be replaced, or if it is not fitted correctly refit it. It should be facing the main body located in the bottom left-hand corner.

At this stage you should find your vacuum cleaner can continue to run with no worry of it suddenly cutting out. If your filter has seen better days then you will want to look into a replacement filter.

Cause 3

Trigger Issues

Your hoover should only operate when the trigger is pressed, so if the cleaner runs when the trigger is not being engaged then you will want to find and fix the problem.

The most common reason for this issue to happen is when there are obstructions or debris which have become lodged in and around the trigger and guard. Carefully removing any such hinderance will ensure the trigger is free and doesn't become jammed when pressed.

If unfortunately the trigger and guard are no longer in an adequate state, then a new main body would need to be replaced.

Cause 4


A very common reason which could be causing your vacuum cleaner to stop working could be as simple as a faulty battery. When the battery indicator no longer shows signs of life, regardless of charging the battery for the correct time period, you may want to first consider performing some maintenance.

Over time the contacts on your battery can become dirty, therefore wiping these with a dry cloth can help dislodge any corrosive materials. If this fails to power your cleaner then a new battery may be your only other option.

Luckily eSpares have a large variety of replacement batteries to help bring back the power to your vacuum - giving you control to carry on cleaning your floors once again.