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How to Replace a Hob Switch

In this video Mat will show you how to replace your cooker control if it is not working correctly or blows the house electrics when turned on.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

In this video I'll be changing the hotplate selector switch on this K3E1 Indesit cooker. Now if your cooker ring isn't working correctly or your cooker is tripping the house fuses and you've checked the element it may well be that you need to instal a new selected switch.

Now safety first, always disconnect an appliance before carrying out any work.

The selective switches are located behind the cooker knobs here, so the first thing I need to do is to remove this heat plate by unscrewing these two screws here and here.

Now if you’ve identified the selector switch which needs replacing it's a good idea to remove the corresponding knob now, and also unscrew one of the screws that holds the selector switch in place.

With that done I can now remove the control panel by undoing a further two screws underneath. With the control panel released, I can now see the selector switch that I need to replace.

The wiring is quite complicated and some of the wires are exactly the same colour, so what I'm going to do is take a photo for reference and for the same reason I'm going to change the wires over onto the new selector switch one at a time, just to ensure I'm doing them in the right order.

So I am going to use a small screwdriver to prise of the electrical connections, and then put them on the new selector switch in the same position. So that's my new selector switch fitted to the cooker. 

Now using the old selector switch I'll just demonstrate to you what can happen to these. Fat and grease can fall through into the cooker from the hob top and find itself between these contacts here.

Now if you see these are burnt-out that obviously means the selector switch has failed and that is because the grease and fat that has fallen through. If you just put the knob on the end to the shaft here you can see that these contacts move freely so this selector switch is working fine.

Okay, now I can reattach the selector switch to the control panel and screw it all back up together. Now when you're putting the control panel back onto the cooker make sure you don't trap any of the electrical wiring here.

So there we have it, one new selector switch fitted to this Indesit K3E1 cooker. Spares and accessories for all makes and manufacturer of cooker are available on the eSpares website

Thanks for watching.

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