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How to Replace the Clutch on a Dyson - DC04, DC07 & DC14

We’re going to show you how to replace the clutch on a DC07 Animal. The clutch system is the same against variations of the DC07, along with the DC14 clutched models and the DC04. However, the Zorbster uses a different clutch mechanism. The purpose of a vacuum cleaner clutch is to stop the brushroll from the motor when the machine is upright preventing damage. 

If you’ve never replaced the clutch on your Dyson before, follow our advice below to get your problem swiftly sorted.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  Step 2 - Check If You Need To Replace the Clutch Assembly Or The Belt

The clutch fits into the soleplate housing and we will be changing it. On the clutch assembly there are two belts. The smaller one fits over the motor and the larger one over the brush bar itself.

If the smaller clutch belt has snapped, luckily it can be changed. You should see two screws on the side of the clutch, which you can remove to then swap with a brand new belt. If the larger belt has broken then you will need to replace the complete clutch unit so keep reading on. 

  Step 3 - Disassemble Brush Housing

Remove the internal hose and the baseplate off the floor tool. There are plastic holders at the bottom which you can turn out at 90 degrees with a coin or a flat head screwdriver. Next separate the brush bar from the drive belt. This can be a little tricky but you just need to pull the brush bar up and twist the belt off. Finally the brush housing should pop off.

  Step 4 - Detach the Clutch Cover

You should now see the clutch housing assembly and a clutch cover on the side. Grab your torx kit and remove the two screws to release the clutch cover. You should now be able to slide the small clutch belt off the motor spindle.

  Step 5 - Remove the Actuator Cover

Get a flathead screwdriver and pop it under the actuator from the front and then the back to release it from the catch. Once it’s off you should see the two catches on the inside of the actuator.

  Step 6 - Fit Your New Clutch Assembly

You should now be able to remove the clutch unit from the housing, it may be fiddly so don’t give up. Because the larger clutch belt has gone we are going to replace the whole clutch mechanism with a brand new one.

To make sure the clutch is secured properly into the housing make sure it aligns correctly with the two grooves here and here. You can then fit the side actuator cover back on.

  Step 7 - Position the Belt On the Motor Spindle

We now need to get the belt stretched and positioned on the motor spindle. As this is a brand new belt it doesn’t have any slack, but you should be able to ease it over the spindle with a little bit of effort.

  Step 8 - Reattach the Clutch Cover

Carefully place the clutch cover into position and secure it with the three holding screws using your torx kit.

  Step 9 - Secure the Brush Housing And Roller 

Now that the clutch cover is firmly in place, you can pop the brush housing plate back into position, (you should hear a satisfying click once it’s in).

The new belt is a lot tighter than the old one. Use the end of your torx key to carefully pull it out and then wedge a screwdriver underneath to give you more room to slide the brush roller in.

The next part can be quite tricky as the belt may slide off the screwdriver, but with some perseverance we know you can do it. Lever the screwdriver upwards and slide the belt over the end of the brush bar. You can then take the screwdriver off the belt and slide the brush roll until the belt goes over the correct position on the brush bar. Just ensure the brush bar is positioned correctly and give it a spin to make sure the belt is fitted properly.

  Step 10 - Reassemble Your Vacuum

With the tricky part of the repair out the way, we just need to replace everything else the same way we removed it.

We’ve now replaced the clutch mechanism on a Dyson. It’s worth noting the replacement procedure is the same as all other clutched versions of the DC07, DC14 and DC04 range with the exception of the Zorbster.

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