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How to Replace a Broken Dishwasher Door Hinge - Hotpoint

Well it appears that you have found your way to this page because you are having a problem with your dishwasher’s hinge.

When the dishwasher door no longer swings open or closes correctly you can point blame at the hinges. Over time the hinges can wear out or if over extended - this can add extra, unnecessary force upon the door leading to fault and damage.

In this guide we will show you how easy it is to replace a faulty hinge on your dishwasher which will help save you money and leave you feeling like a hero to your appliances.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar. What You Will Need:

Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair and due to the sharp edges exposed we suggest suitable Safety Gloves are worn to help prevent injury.


Step 2 - Getting To The Side Panel


Now to begin we will need to access the hinge and to do this you will need to remove the side panel. The process is simple - and will entail you to unscrew both the top plate and lower kick plate.

The top panel and kickplate have screws which all require undoing before they can be taken away. Once the screws have been removed you’ll now have access to the side panel - remove the screws which hold this in place too and set it safely to the side.

You should now see the hinge and spring which are both connected - however this is about how to replace the hinge and not the spring so let's continue to...

Step 3 - Getting Un-Hinge

Ensuring that you have the correct hinge you can begin the removal process. Straightforward and simple you need to start by dividing the spring from the hinge.

eSpares Top Tip: Keeping the door closed will lessen the tension in the spring which should make the removing it a far simpler affair.

Using pliers carefully remove the spring from the dishwasher - once removed the spring should then easily unhook from the hinge. Slowly lowering the door will allow you to release the hinge, however it is still held in place with a locking washer so using a flat head screwdriver you can remove the washer allowing you to clear the hinge from the appliance.

Step 4 - Greasing Up The Hinge

To install your new hinge simply slide it back into place and fit the locking washer - once firmly in place close the door. Before coupling the spring it is recommended to apply some grease from the old hinge onto the new hinge, this should be applied to where the hinge hooks over.

Step 5 - Putting The Spring Back Into The Door

Now you need to reconnect the spring - once hooked onto the hinge, using your pliers carefully pull the spring so it can hook back into place on the dishwasher - you can open the door to test that the hinge works and if it does - well done!

Step 6 - Putting the pieces back together

Now you just need to reassemble the panels and plates - simply repeat the process of attaching the side panel, the kick plate and finally the top panel. Once all screwed in place you can feel achieved that the dishwasher has been repaired.

With the dishwasher repaired - you may now feel somewhat of a hero in your home, if this is the case you may find you want to repair that faulty oven element or investigate why the washing machine no longer washes. Head on over to our other advice articles where you can find help to getting your appliance working like new without the cost of a new machine.

With the dishwasher repaired you may wish to give it a clean out - may we suggest our highly rated dishwasher and washing machine cleaner. 6 sachets of superb cleaning can help maintain the internal components of the appliance helping them be far more efficient. To read more see our article here.

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