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How to Fit a New Flymo Cutting Disc

A damaged cutting disc could lead to dangerous results - therefore to halt the possibilities of fault or injury replacing the disc is imperative.

A very simple process which requires no tools can be done within minutes which will leave you with a fully operating lawnmower.A broken cutting disc on your lawnmower can be dangerous. If yours has become faulty, you'll need to make sure it is replaced straight away. Find out how easy such a repair is, by watching this latest eSpares video.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  Step 2 – Turn the Appliance Over

The process is extremely simple - begin by turning the appliance over so you can see the cutting disc and the blades.

  Step 3 – Turn Left to Unlock

To remove the cutting disc turn it anti-clockwise and it will unlock, you can then remove it.

  Step 4 – Fitting the new Disc

To fit a new one simply push it back onto the hub and turn it clockwise to lock it in place. With metal blades you would require spacers to change the height of the blade - but with a cutting disc, simply inverting it will allow for a high or low cut.

There you have it, you’ve replaced the cutting disc on your Flymo lawnmower if you want to know how to replace the actual blades you can find that guide here.

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