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How to Clean a Metal Mesh Cooker Hood Filter

Metal mesh extractor fan filters have to be cleaned rather than replaced. To tackle the task properly, watch eSpares show you how it's done.

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Video Transcript

Cooker hoods have two types of grease filter, your hood will either have a fabric style filter, which must be replaced when it's become saturated with fat, or it will have a metal mesh filter, which has got to be cleaned, for this, you could use Rangehood FilterKleen.

All you need to do is cover both sides of the filter with the FilterKleen, and then leave to soak for ten minutes, now you just need to give them a thorough rinse and make sure the tap's on quite high.

There you go, loads cleaner.

Please note:

The product featured in this video is no longer available, we do have a suitable alternative available here.


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