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How to Change the Blade Height on an Electric Mower

Performing the first cut of the season will require a different height of your lawnmower blade compared to the last cut your lawn will receive before the winter sets in. It’s certain you are here because you have your electric mower and are looking to alter the height of the blade

You’re in luck we have created this guide to help you change the overall height of your blade leading to a more tidy and efficient cut.

Hover Mowers with a Blade Bolt and Spacer

The most common way to change the height of your lawnmower blade.

What You Will Need:

Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety first: always unplug electric mowers before repairing, and keep mains plug beside you so no one inadvertently reconnects the power supply. Wear safety gloves while working with blades.

Step 2 - Removing the Old Blade

To start, remove the blade bolt and blade, you’ll want to (while wearing gloves) hold the fan firmly and using a spanner loosen the blade bolt - turning it anti-clockwise will loosen the bolt.

Step 3 - The Spacers

Adjusting blade height with spacers

To achieve a lower cut you will want to add extra spacers and of course if you want to get a higher cut, remove the spacers.

eSpares Top Tip: Always remember that the spacers must be fitted between the blade and the fan NEVER between the blade and the bolt.

Step 4 - Lining up the New Blade

Set the blade onto the spacers and ensure that any pegs are located in the appropriate holes on the blade.

Step 5 - Fitting the New Blade

Now finally fit the blade bolt through the centre hole in the blade and turning clockwise, tighten the bolt. We advise to begin by using your hands and then with your spanner.

Knowing this information, you can now easily and effortlessly alter the height of your lawnmower blade - this will ensure that you can adjust your cutting height between the beginning and end of the season.

Hover Mowers with Height Adjustment Settings

A slightly different process but just as simple when you know how.

Step 1 - Getting a Hold

With the machine unplugged and wearing heavy duty work gloves, you will want to grip the blade mounting firmly.

Step 2 - Freeing the Blade

Adjusting blade height with high and low settings only

Twist the mounting to free the blade - with the blade removed, turn it over and reinsert it into the attachment (if you are unsure, refer to your handbook for specifics).

Step 3 - The New Blade

With the blade mounting refitted you are almost ready to begin your lawnmowing. However it is also recommended to check the blades as these may have become blunt. If you do need to change the blades see our How to Change an Electric Mower Blade guide.

Having the right height and sharp blades is the perfect partnership when cutting your lawn. If your lawn has been left for too long then we do recommend you follow the 1/3 rule and 4 days later use a shorter setting to cut. This will help keep your lawn from going into shock.

The information provided in the article above is meant as a guide only, and eSpares accepts no liability for any problems experienced whilst attempting any repairs. If in any doubt about fixing your appliance, always contact a qualified engineer.

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