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Do You Have a Leaking Washing Machine?

If your washing machine is leaking, there are a few probable causes. Find out what they are and how to rectify them, by watching this eSpares video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Mat from eSpares.

Now if you have a leaky washing machine, the first thing you need to do is to identify where the leak is coming from. If you have a leak that’s coming from the front of the machine, it could be from the detergent drawer or the housing, the door seal, or it could be coming from the pump filter or pump.

If you’ve got a leak that’s coming from the back of the machine, it could be the hoses or the valve, and if you have a leak that’s coming from underneath the machine, it could be any number of those things.

Now, a few easy checks that you can do yourself.

Pull the detergent drawer out here using this quick release mechanism here. Give that a check, make sure there’s no cracks or damage, or anything stuck. Same with the detergent drawer, get your hand in there, make sure nothing’s jamming the hose, make sure there are no cracks or damage.

Have a look at the door seal. As you can see, this one will need replacing, and it’s in a pretty shoddy state. Have a good feel around as well, again making sure there’s nothing stuck or damaged.

You can check the filter down here, just pull that out like so, as you can see this one’s going to need a good clean. But also, get your fingers in here, make sure there’s nothing stuck, and there are no cracks or damage.

At the back of the machine, check your fill hose connections, make sure your fill hoses are threaded on correctly, and give your drain hose the once over. Make sure there are no splits or holes in that.

So if you need to change a spare on your washing machine that’s causing a leak, the good news is we’ve got loads of videos on the eSpares advice centre showing you exactly how to fix it.

Thanks for watching.

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