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Common Cooker and Oven Faults

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Fault Diagnosis

Click on your specific cooker fault to see causes and solutions.

No Functions

  • No power
    Check wall switch is on and MCB in consumer unit has not tripped off. If it has, reset it to 'on'. If you cannot, call an electrician to trace and rectify the fault. 

One or More Elements Do Not Heat Up

  • Thermostat tripped
    Turn off oven and wait until it has fully cooled down before trying again.
  • Timer set to Auto
    Make sure timer is set to Manual.
  • Clock time not set
    Make sure the clock time is set properly.
  • Element failed
    Replace faulty element, or contact a qualified repairer.
  • Control thermostat faulty
    Contact a qualified repairer. 

Thermostat Trips When Using Grill

  • Grill overheating
    This will trip the thermal cut-out. Make sure the oven door is left open by the recommended amount during grilling.

Oven Not Cooking Properly

  • Faulty or jammed fan (if fitted)
    Check and clean fan. If necessary replace faulty oven fan or contact a qualified repairer.
  • Incorrect shelf positions
    Make sure temperatures and shelf positions are correct. 

Door Won't Close Properly

  • Hinge spring or latch defective
    Replace defective oven spring or latch, following manufacturer's instructions.
  • Gasket worn
    Replace door gasket - the rubber or plastic seal on interior door edge or on body of cooker.

No Light

Sparks or Burning Smell

  • Loose connections or poor contacts
    Turn the oven off immediately and contact a qualified repairer. 

Noisy Fan

  • Dirt or grease inside fan motor
    Contact a qualified repairer. 
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