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Window Vacuum Premium Accessory Kit Stock Number: ES1765188

The Window Vac Premium Accessory Kit combines perfectly with your window vac to give great results every time.

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Manufactured by Karcher

(This part fits select models)

Window Vacuum Premium Accessory Kit

If you’ve just purchased a Karcher window vac, this accessory kit is an ideal purchase. It comes with a handy hip bag, spray bottle and microfibre and a bottle 500ml bottle of glass cleaner concentrate. This kit will not only assist you in keeping your windows clean but also make your window cleaning tasks far easier.

The Hip Bag

Allowing you to keep your vac at hand without having to place it in an awkward spot, this accessory for your Karcher is the perfect addition to making your window cleaning tasks far more effortless. With a length-adjustable carrying belt, this bag will fit a variety of waist sizes, this gives everyone the option to give their windows a good clean.

The main pocket is spacious enough to store any of the Karcher window vacs, old or new, your vac will fit comfortably with no concern of it falling out. Along with the 2 retaining straps, these allow you to keep a hold of your accessories allowing your hands to be less full.

Spray bottle & microfibre pad

This kit comes with a detergent spray bottle and a microfibre cleaning cloth which will agitate the muck and dirt without harming your window. Also included is a clip which fastens the wiper head to the spray bottle head, once securely attached you can get to giving your windows the clean they deserve.

In combination with a window vac, this fantastic bottle set can help to see streak-free windows throughout your home – a detail which can make a difference to visitors. If you're tired of dirt or off putting streaks, make the switch to Karcher today.

Glass Cleaner Concentrated – 500ml

This Karcher concentrate is fantastic at removing stubborn stain such as grease nad finger marks. Its extremely simple to use, simply pour the amount required into the spray bottle, dilute with water and spray on your windows. Once removed by your Karcher window vacuum, this detergent will leave your windows gleaming and shining like new.


  • Hip bag:
    • Length-adjustable carrying belt
    • Spacious main pocket for storage
    • Spray bottle and microfibre pads:
  • Spray Bottle & Microfibre Pad:
    • 2 x Retaining straps for accessories
    • 1 x Window Vac spray bottle
    • 1 x Microfibre pad
    • 1 x Fixing ring
  • 500ml concentrated detergent

Karcher Spares Reference: 2.633-122.0

Window Vacuum Premium Accessory Kit

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