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Dyson V7 Turning On and Off

If your Dyson V7 has begun to cut in and out while cleaning you'll have a difficult time ensuring you can clean your home efficiently and effectively.

Known as pulsing, this frustrating occurrence can extend the time it will take to clean your home, as you are continually stopping and starting. This in turn will also mean you will not be able to clean as much as you expect during the running time of your V7.

However identifying the cause of why your V7 is cutting out can help you to fix your machine and bring your V7 back to life.

Cause 1


When vacuuming throughout your home it's not uncommon that your cleaner will suck up something which may lead to the tool, wand or bin inlet becoming blocked. When this happens you will want to identify and remove the blockages as necessary.

If, while looking for blockages you notice that your cleaning head, wand or bin has seen better days then a replacement will be required.

Cause 2


If the cleaner is pulsing then you may want to try and test your machine with the bin removed.

Removing the bin can help narrow down what could be leading your hoover to turn on and off. If running the vacuum with the bin open leads to the end of the pulsing issue, then you will want to check the bin inlet for blockages and remove any as necessary.

While checking the bin, don't forget to inspect the inlet flap. Using your fingers or a tool you can unblock the flap, and with it in its correct position you can now retest the machine.

If the pulsing has now stopped then you have identified that the fault was with a bin blockage, however if the bin has unfortunately seen better days then you will want to invest in a replacement which can help restore your Dyson.

Cause 3


If your vacuum is still pulsing then you will want to test it with the filter removed.

Remove the filter from the top of the machine and test your hoover, if it continues to turn on and off then the fault could be that the filter is filthy and requires cleaning.

To clean your filter:

  • Wash it with cold water until it runs clear, it is recommended to not use detergents to clean it as this could ultimately damage the filter.
  • Once you have allowed the filter to dry for 24 hours retest your machine.

If the vacuum continues to pulse after the filter has been washed, then the fault could in fact lie with the main body, and a new body would be required in this instance.