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Smelly Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is designed to help keep your house clean by dislodging dust particles buried deep inside the carpet. However, if not maintained the cleaner may emit a foul odour which could linger and leave your home smelling not so fresh.

If you are plagued with an unpleasant aroma while vacuuming, see our list of common causes which may be the result of that dank scent and get your home smelling as clean as it looks. 

Cause 1


When the vacuum smells during operation it is recommended to inspect the filter. Designed to block harmful dust particles which may be a breeding ground for bacteria and other allergens - over time the filter, if not maintained can become blocked. Regardless of it being blocked or needing a clean, the odour may be a sign of the buildup of bacteria.

To spruce up your cleaner see below:

Safety First! Please make sure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before beginning any repair.

  • Open the vacuum and locate the filter.
  • Remove and carefully tap the filter on a hard surface to release the dust
  • If it's particularly grimy depending on your filter give it a good clean under water, a tap icon will identify a washable filter.

If your filter is not washable or is damaged you’ll need a new one - see our online catalogue for a replacement filter and get your cleaner smelling fresh again.

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Cause 2


If the filter is clean and in good working order, the dustbag may be causing the unnecessary stink. Check how the bags are removed using your user guide or download a pdf version from our site. Simply change the bag if full as it may be causing the lingering smell.

  • If you have a bagless cleaner empty the dirt container and clean the filters in soapy water.
  • If the dust bag has been filled after some time a new bag should be replaced.
  • To help with any lingering odours you can our use very own scented Eucalyptus Vacuum Air Freshener into a new bag to help combat the smell.

If you have come to the end of your current pack of cleaner bags, see our range of replacements here to get your vacuum collecting without leaving a smell. 

See our in-depth video on how to clean a smelly bagged vacuum cleaner.

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