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Samsung Washing Machine E4/UE Error Code

A well-functioning washing machine saves you valuable time, effort and offers a number of wash cycles depending on what you’re cleaning. Typically used everyday washing machines have become mainstream in most homes; so it’s top priority to make sure it’s working.

If your Samsung washing machine is displaying a E4/UE error code on the control panel after completing the spin cycle and the clothes are still wet, we’ve got the solution for you. This fault is most commonly caused by an unbalanced washing machine load.

Cause 1

Unbalanced Load

If your washing machine is unbalanced it could cause a frighteningly thunderous banging. At best, a thumping and jumping machine is a nuisance - however, if not resolved the drum could stop altogether which of course is why you are here.

By applying a simple fix, which we advise below - you may be able to save your washer from heading to the scrap yard.

  • Remove your current washing load and start a cycle empty to confirm that the drum still spins.

If the machine operates as normal then the fault originally lied with the appliance being loaded with one or two heavy weighing items causing an unbalanced load.

To help counter this problem, balancing the heavy garments when washing should help ensure the drum can spin.

Another possible solution would be to separate your heavy garments and perform a “heavy wash”.

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