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My Pressure Washer Doesn’t Turn Off

Pressure washers take the hard work out of a whole host of cleaning tasks by simply blasting out water through a jet to knock off dirt and grime from any surfaces.

You’ve most likely found your way to this article because you are trying to identify why your pressure washer won’t stop. Well there can be a variety of reasons to why this is happening. However fear not, we have investigated the most common causes which may have resulted in your machine constantly running.

Cause 1


If there is a slight leak of the pressure from your washer the motor may be continuously pulsating, you may have a leak coming from the high pressure hose or cylinder head. To investigate further see our tips on how you can be certain your pressure washer has sprung a leak.

  • Examine the O ring seal on the connectors to check for damages.
  • Check the hose for any tears or defects.

If you require a replacement hose, you can browse our online catalogue for a spare here.

If you have another problem with the pressure from your washer that is not the spill valve please see our diagnosis video here.

To see how to replace the hoses on your pressure washer see our video guide.

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