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My Petrol Grass Trimmer Won’t Start

A well-kept garden is a true reflection of your attention to detail. Cutting the grass with a lawnmower only completes half the job - which is where the grass trimmer comes into action. It’s perfect for tackling weeds or grass around trunks where the mower can’t reach. So when it looks like you’ve got a small forest growing in your garden the strimmer is the perfect addition to controlling the overgrowth.

If your grass trimmer is failing to fire up or just splutters; the problem may be due to expired fuel or a faulty spark plug. Follow our advice in this article below to get your garden under control.

Cause 1


A trimmer that refuses to start or stalls whilst you’re revving it up is usually associated with the fuel.

  • If you haven’t used your strimmer during winter and spring, old petrol can stop the appliance from starting up - this is because the flammable properties of the fuel will evaporate away.
  • Replace the old fuel from your strimmer with fresh petrol and if applicable use the correct mixture of 2 stroke oil. (Refer to your user manual if you’re unsure or download a copy from our website). 
  • Try starting the trimmer, (the spark plug may be coated with old fuel and struggle to spring to life). Clean the spark plug and once your appliance is running like new, return any unused fuel from the trimmer tank into a fuel storage container; just after you’ve completed your landscaping duties. 

If your trimmer needs some 2 Stroke Oil see our range of oil here.

Cause 2

Spark Plugs

Another common reason your petrol strimmer won’t start could be the spark plug. It is recommended to replace them frequently as a buildup of debris on the electrode may reduce the spark stopping the fuel mixture from igniting. This generally happens if the appliance has been stored during winter, but even more commonly if the motor was started with old fuel.

It is recommended to replace the old fuel from the strimmer with fresh petrol and if applicable the correct mixture of 2 stroke oil. (Refer to your user manual if you’re unsure or download a copy from our website). 

Before you start please don’t forget to turn off your machine before starting any repair work.

  • If it’s still not working, carefully remove the spark plug and clean with fresh petrol and a brush. 
  • Clean the spark plug gap by gently using a fine emery cloth between the electrode tip and the side of the ground electrode. 

If the spark plug is eroded and produces a weak spark, it’ll need replacing. For a replacement check out our extensive range of spares to get your garden looking it’s best.