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My Cooker Is Not Powering Up

If your cooker has failed to power up, cooking your favourite dish will have to be put on hold until the issue has been resolved. That meal you've spent so long preparing will just sit in the oven waiting if the appliance is not powering up!

Hopefully this advice article will help you to see if the cause of the issue is indeed the timer or not, and then also help you to restore the power in your oven by providing you with our easy step-by-step guide on how to fit the clock.

Cause 1


If your cooker appears to be dead, then the fault could lie with the clock An oven timer which does not work can stop the oven from working, but just a few checks could have it working again with it ready to roast to kick-start the creation of your family meal.

Ensure that power is running to your appliance - this can be identified by the oven display.

If there is no power:

  • Check the wall switch, if there is an indicator light see if it is on - this will indicate that power is available to the appliance.
  • If the light is off, this means there is no power. If this is the case check your fuse box or trips - if a power cut has affected the fuse box check the fuse, on the trips you’ll notice a switch has “tripped” if this is the case carefully flip the switch back to the “on” position.

Usually following a power cut the clock will reset itself, this can be identified from the display flashing. Some functions may still work and it is ideal to try switching on the grill, as the grill should still function but the main oven may not.

A simple case of resetting the clock could fix the problem.

To reset the clock:

  • Switch the oven to an on position, any cooking mode will do.
  • On older models go to the cooking time dial, make sure that the hand symbol is shown, (it looks like a hand or on occasion, they use a clock or bell type symbol with a cross through it to say that it's on manual).
  • Go to the start time dial and roll it round using the knobs till you get to almost the time of day.
  • Now carefully turn one click at a time and work towards the time.
  • When you hit the same time on the cooking time as the time of day then the oven should spring to life.
  • On newer versions, they should be push buttons, push the buttons to engage and the clock will stop flashing.

If this fails to restore your oven the fault could be with the actual clock and if this is the case it will require replacing. For a replacement oven clock, take a look through our extensive range of cooker spares on the eSpares website.

If you are able to find the correct timer for your oven, we can then help you fix it yourself by you checking out our simple to follow guide on how to replace a faulty oven clock below.

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