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Dyson DC16 Stange Whistling Noise

Vacuum cleaners are known for being loud however what do you do when the sound coming from your Dyson is a high pitched whistle?

See how to best remedy your DC16 hoover and eliminate that awful, ear aching whistle.

Cause 1

Dusty Cyclone

To eliminate the range of possible faults that may be causing your cleaner to whistle, we recommend looking at the cyclone.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the cyclone can help improve the performance of the vacuum, as well as stop any strange noises from occurring.

  • Using a soft brush, clear away any dust from the cyclone and inlet.

Vacuum cleaners are known for taking a beating, and if it has been knocked or dropped you could find that the cyclone or bin may have become damaged. Therefore we advise you to check your bin and cyclone for any possible damage. If you do find an element of damage upon this inspection, no matter how big or small, then you will want to replace the part in question.

Cause 2

Bin Seal

Another common cause which could result in an annoying whistling sound may be due to the bin seal.

Check and ensure that the bin is correctly sealed, if it shows signs of damage then you'll want to replace it. If the seal is not damaged take a look to see if it is positioned correctly, and if it is not then you will want to refit it. You should ensure that the bin is sealed securely so as not allowing for air to escape.

Cause 3


The filter can become so clogged with dirt that it requires regular maintenance, you will want to inspect the filter and ensure that it is clean. Cleaning the filter should be done every 3-6 months, and this maintenance should be seen as a positive. By doing this regular washing of the filters, you will not have to replace them as often.

  • Be sure to only use water to wash the filters - do not use detergents as this can ruin the filters resulting in the need of a replacement.
  • Allow the filters to dry for up to 24 hours before refitting, as a damp filter could lead to a damp and musty smell.

If unfortunately the filters have seen better days, then you will want to replace them, and here at eSpares we offer a wide range of replacement filters