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Grass Trimmer Won’t Work

Grass strimmers are the perfect addition to your garden tool set. They help to neaten up corners and are super handy in tight spots where your trusty lawnmower can’t reach, so you can achieve that perfect look you’ve always wanted.

Occasionally faults can occur but don’t panic you’ve got the questions, we’re sure to have the answers! If your trimmer is not powering up at all our article will get your appliance cutting in no time.

Cause 1

Power Cable

If you’ve finished mowing the lawn and decided to finish off the hard to reach areas with the strimmer only to find it will not start, follow our steps below:

  • The most frequent offender is the power cable as the conductors inside can break due to wear and tear or damage.
  • This typically occurs where the cable enters into the handle or if it’s been pulled during use. If you’ve moved the cable to a specific position the motor may run in that location only. If the cord is moved and the motor stops operating the cable will most likely need replacing.

If the power cord needs replacing see our range of spares to help restore your appliance.