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Grass Trimmer Line Keeps Breaking

Grass strimmers are the perfect addition to your garden tool set. They help to neaten up corners and are super handy in tight spots where your lawnmower can’t reach, so you can achieve the perfect look you’ve always wanted.

Occasionally faults can occur and it will be super annoying if the cutting line is not fed through or the spool cover cap flies off, causing you to stop the job in hand. By following our article below we can solve all of your garden trimmer dilemmas swiftly.

Cause 1

Spool Body/Spool Cap

The spool cap secures the line spool to make sure it doesn’t come off during use. If the trimming line breaks or doesn’t feed out properly, the spool cover is usually the cause.

Safety First! Please make sure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before beginning any repair.

  • It is recommended to remove the spool cap and clear any debris.
  • If the cap comes off during use inspect for any signs of deterioration, as it can force the spool cover off and replace if needed.

If you’re still experiencing problems turn your attention to the spool body. This is located inside the trimmer head and is a fixed plastic housing with “eyelets” that allows the line to feed out.

  • Carefully look for any signs of defects or wear.

If the spool body or cap needs replacing don’t forget to check out our extensive range of gardening spares to help restore your strimmer.

To remove and replace the line and cap on a trimmer see the following video.

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