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Dyson V8 Brush Bar Not Spinning

When the brush bar spins it agitates the dirt and grime which can become buried in your carpets, once it has become loose enough, the suction power of the V8 will remove the dirt and deposit it into the bin.

What happens however when the brush bar can no longer spin, and what could be the causes?

Cause 1

Brush Bar

A common issue for homes with pets or members of the family with long hair, is that fur and other fibres become loose on the floor and become embedded deep in carpets. The role of the vacuum cleaner's brush bar is to catch and loosen the dirt from the carpet - but this can lead to those fibres becoming entangled around the agitator brush. If this happens it can lead the brush bar to stop spinning, and prevent you from cleaning your floors.

To get your brush bar spinning again you will want to access the rotary brush and cut away the tangled hairs and fibres.

  • Start by removing the cleaner head, and on the underside proceed to undo the fastener which holds the base in place.
  • Once open, you will now be able to access the brush bar, using a knife or a pair of scissors carefully cut away any items which have become tangled around the brush.
  • When the brush bar can move freely fit it back in place and close up the cleaner head.

If you have noticed that the brush bar is looking a little worse for wear then you'll want to replace it to ensure you can continue to clean your home.

Cause 2


When your brush is struggling to spin the fault could also be due to blockages within the cleaner head, wand or bin inlet. To ensure that your vacuum can continue to run you will want to remove these blockages from the machine.

  • Remove the tools, wand and bin from the hoover and inspect these areas for blockages and remove them as necessary.

If unfortunately you find that the cleaner head, wand, or bin has become damaged you will want to replace them to ensure that your cordless Dyson can continue to run.

Cause 3

Bin Inlet

The inlet from the wand to the bin can become blocked. Designed with a flap which helps regulate the air-flow, this on occasion can become stuck. To restore the suction power you will want to un-stick the flap to bring back the correct air flow and have your brush spinning once again.

  • Remove the cleaner head and wand from the machine, here you should see clearly into the bin inlet.
  • Find the inlet flap and carefully use your fingers or a tool to un-stick the flap from its position. If there is any other kind of blockage, remove this as this could be causing the flap to become stuck.
  • You can now refit the wand and tools and retest your machine.

With the bin inlet cleared you should find the performance of your hoover has been restored.