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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Performance Issues

Your Dyson Cinetic Big Ball will effectively clear your floors of any manner of dirt and dust, but what happens when your machine begins to fail and it no longer has the suction performance it once did?

There are a host of common causes which could be leading to your vacuum to suffer, luckily we have detailed below these causes and the steps to take to best restore your machine.

Cause 1

Cleaner Head

The cleaner head is responsible for keeping the brush in place as it spins at high speeds. If this head becomes damaged then the brush bar may no longer be able to spin.

If the head is damaged then a new tool would be required, and we have replacement cleaner heads which can be fitted in place to restore your Dyson floor tool once again, by allowing the brush bar to spin freely.

However what happens when the cleaner head is fine?

Look for potential blockages, if the cleaner head becomes blocked then the brush bar will struggle to spin. Carefully removing any blockage can help restore the performance of your hoover.

Cause 2


A vacuum with low performance could possibly be due to a fault with the hose. If you have sucked up something which has become blocked or even damaged, you would greatly see a negative impact on the function of the hose, and ultimately to the way your machine performs.

  • Checking the hose for blockages is simple enough, if you find any blockages then remove them, once free the performance should be restored.

But what happens when the hose is damaged? Well, if it has been perforated then it will mean air escaping, which in turn leads to a massive loss of suction. Unfortunately if this has happened, to restore the suction power of your hoover a replacement hose would be required.

It is worth also checking the wand for any blockages, if you can find the obstruction then you will want to remove it.

Cause 3

Internal Hose

A blocked internal hose and its duct can lead to an extreme lack of suction. Removing any blockage can greatly improve the suction power of your machine and give it back the ability to pick up dirt and dust as it should.

  • Locating the entry duct will give you the opportunity to inspect it for obstructions, also check that the seal is located in the correct position.
  • To access the internal hose, find the red collar and pull it, this will give you access to check for any blockages.

Once you have removed anything blocking the internal hose then you can reassemble the machine and retest it, you should hopefully notice an improvement with the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

Cause 4


Easy to look over - the cyclone becomes covered in dust that it can reduce the power your cleaner should produce. When this happens some simple maintenance can be taken to keep your Dyson running smoothly, and help ensure that it picks up the dirt and dust around your home effectively.

To clean the cyclone, take a soft bristle brush and clean the dust away. Never use water to clean the cyclone as this can damage it, which might then lead to you requiring a replacement.

While you are cleaning the cyclone it is also worth cleaning the bin. This can be washed with a damp cloth, remove the dust and make sure it dries before refitting it and testing the machine.

If while cleaning you notice that either the bin or cyclone has become damaged you will want to replace them luckily eSpares can help.