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Loss of Suction Dyson - DC07

If your Dyson isn't sucking, the problem is usually due to one of four reasons. In this video Matt takes us on a tour of the DC07 and shows us the most common causes of loss of suction.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Matt from eSpares.

If your Dyson DC07 has lost suction, it's probably down to one of four things.

Now before you do anything, make sure you’re unplugged from the wall.

First thing to check are your filters. Here's the pre-motor filter - it's a washable filter, so if it's looking dirty, give that a good wash. If I just remove the bin/cyclone assembly, then I can get to the post-motor filter, which is under this cap. Now that's looking pretty mankey, that's not washable and you will need to replace that with a fresh one. If yours is a HEPA DC07, then the post-motor filter will look like this one; again, replace it if it's looking particularly bad.

So next I just want to check to see if we've got any blockages, any coins or stones anywhere. If I remove the valve pipe assembly, just check that, just see if you can see or feel anywhere where there might be a problem. If I just flip it over as well, I can check this U-bend; nope nothing in there.

Now, the third thing to check are the hoses, the main hose on the back, but also this internal hose here. If you can feel any nicks or splits in there, then that will certainly lead to a loss of suction.

If that's all okay, I guess the last thing to check is going to be the motor. Now you'll probably know if it's a problem with the motor because of the sound, but just have a little check around, check the belt. Now the belt drives the brush roll, which doesn't directly affect suction, but if the brush roll isn't turning then it’s not going to operate very effectively.

Now you can see me change most of those parts in other eSpares videos, which are available on the eSpares site or on the YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching.

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