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Karcher Pressure Washer Hose & Handgun Kit

Karcher are known for making high quality long lasting products to help clean your home however like most things in life they can become prone to faults and wear and tear.

This could be prominent in their hoses for their pressure washers, now if you have a K2, K3 and all the way up to K7 we have this replacement hose and pressure gun perfect for you.

Note: May not be suitable for Karchers with a built on hose reel.

If faulty or damaged a pressure washer without a working hose or gun is pretty much useless.

  What's In the Box

This kit comes included with a long 7.5 metre high pressure hose, a handgun and an adaptor.

  The Hose

The hose comes with Karcher’s new Quick Connect system - this means that there is no more messing around, simply push the connection into place and voila you’re connected.

  K2? Don’t Worry You’re Covered

If you have a K2 series model your machine will have a screw type fitting but don’t fret Karcher's got you covered! The included adapter will solve your woes leaving you to pressure wash your patio, car or any other outside surface with no worry.

  And Not Forgetting the Handgun

The handgun is of the same high quality Karcher is known for and will help keep your homes facades and other surfaces spotless with minimal effort.

Hopefully regardless of replacing a faulty or damaged hose and gun or simply you wish to upgrade to Karcher's new system this kit has you covered.

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