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Karcher K2 Compact Car & Home Pressure Washer

If you are looking at making the plunge into upgrading your pressure washer, see below our product guide for the Karcher K2 Car & Home pressure washer. eSpares’s very own Josh runs through the features and what’s included.

The Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer has been manufactured with the power of a standard sized Karcher however it has been packed into a far smaller and lightweight package.

Perfectly suited for getting your patios, decking and cars cleaned, this specific package comes supplied with two lances these are a foam lance and car cleaning brush.

Also included is a T50 Patio Cleaning attachment and two packs of detergents along with a hose and hand gun.

Please Note: K2 pressure washer kits may vary. Check what is included when ordering.

How to Connect

Setting up the Karcher K2 is simple, the water supply plugs in at the back, the hose screws in at the front and the other end into the hand gun.

Once you have connected it you can then plug it in to the mains and begin cleaning.

The Attachments

The T50 Patio Cleaning attachment is great for use on concrete, stone and your wooden decking. The dirt blaster attachment is designed for a more targeted cleaning task.

The car cleaning brush is a fantastic all-purpose vehicle cleaning tool. It also works equally well with both water and Karcher shampoo.

The foam lance is designed to produce a rich foamy lather, this will give your car a sparkling and streak free finish.

Simple to use, fill the tank with some Karcher shampoo, attach it to the hand gun (on your pressure washer) and you’re ready to get spraying.

There you have it, for other helpful guides and articles don’t forget to check out our advice centre.

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