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How to Use Karcher Concentrated Detergents

We love the Karcher line of concentrated pressure washer cleaning detergents. They make cleaning easy, and the space-saving pack is inexpensive to ship and takes little space to store, even though it makes 5 litres of soap. In this video Mat explains how the pack works and how to use the detergent with your Karcher pressure washer.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mat from eSpares.

These Karcher cleaning detergents make tough cleaning tasks simple, they come in a concentrated form to make them light and easy to post. All you do is simply pop them open, like so, top it up with water which gives you 5 litres of powerful cleaning detergent.

They come in 4 different varieties: Patio and Deck Cleaner, Universal Cleaner, Car Wash and Wax, and Car Shampoo.

Now there are 2 ways of using the detergent through your machine, depending on the model you have. This particular version uses a detergent inlet hose which you simply pop into the bag. This model has an on-board tank, and this particular model has 2 tanks meaning you can use more than one detergent at a time by simply switching between the detergents you wish to use.

Remember, all 4 detergents are available by following this link

Thanks for watching.

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