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How to Replace the Control Knob on a Tumble Dryer - Bosch

If the tumble dryer has a faulty knob, it will no longer click, turn or simply do nothing. Well luckily if this is something you are currently faced with don’t worry because we are here to help.

With our guide we will talk you through the simple steps to removing the old control and replacing it with a brand new one. We have detailed underneath the parts and tools you require to begin this simple task.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  Step 2 - Remove The Top Cover

To start, you will need to remove the top panel of the tumble dryer - nice and easy, using a torx screwdriver you can simply undo the screws at the back. With the screws remove, knock the top cover forward to release it about an inch from there you can then lift it up and away from the machine.

  Step 3 - Take Out the Water  Container

With the top of the tumble dryer removed and put to one side, you’ll now have access to the machines insides. Before removing the fascia panel don’t forget to take out the water container. With that out of the way you can now remove the control fascia - to do that, holding it from the bottom lift it up and it’ll come loose.

  Step 4 - Making Space

You will now see the module on the inside - know you could work from here but having a stable, flat surface to work on will be more beneficial and far simpler. To remove the control panel you will need to unplug the electrical connectors - the best practice here is to take a photo using your mobile phone. This will help when you need to connect the panel back to the tumble dryer.

  Step 5 - Unclipping the Control Module

With the panel on a large clutter free area you can now begin to work. You will need to unclip the module from the actual fascia panel. There are several clips holding it in place - these may be a little tight but using a screwdriver you can release it from its clips.

Now the control module should have come out and you can now put that to one side.

Please Note: Try not to touch the printed circuit board - as it is very sensitive it can be damaged quite easily.

  Step 6 - Changing the Knob

Remove the space from the fascia panel, with that removed you can then push the old knob out from behind the front of the fascia. And now you can just reverse the process - sit the knob in place, the clip on the underside will hold it in place and then sit the spacer.

Now fit the control module - before you do make sure everything is in the right way round, once checked you can now clip the module back into place.

  Step 7 - Reconnecting the Wires

Remember the photo you took earlier? Well now you will need to refer to it ensure you can connect the wires back to the module correctly.

  Step 8 - Reassembly

Ok to put the fascia back in you just need to hook it into the top there and click it into place at the bottom, make sure that you don’t pinch any of the wires as you may find yourself replaced them as well.

Simply refit the water container and fit the top cover back onto the appliance and screw it in place.

And there you have it! You’ve just replaced the control knob for you tumble dryer. As you may have guessed if you need to replace the control module the process would have been similar - however, you change the module and not the knob.

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