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How to Replace a Washer Dryer Door Seal - AEG

Over time door seals (otherwise known as gaskets) suffer from general wear and tear, making them less effective and not able to perform its purpose in your washing machine / washer dryer.

If your door seal has seen better days, it might well leave you with a leaking washing machine. If you have found that the seal needs to be replaced, you have landed exactly where you need to be!

This video will show you how to replace a washer dryer door seal yourself, and eSpares are able to offer you a wide range of replacement seals, so you can be confident of getting the correct seal for your model.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar

*Please Note: The seal Mat is changing here is for a washer/dryer - so there are a couple of extra steps.

What You Will Need:

Step 1 - Switch Off Your Appliance

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

Step 2 - Remove The Door

To make things easier for you to access, start by removing the door. To do this you need to undo the two hinge screws.

Please Note: For the lower screw make sure you hold on to the door, so that when it’s released it easily pops away in your hand.

Step 3 - Remove The Seal Retaining Band

Proceed to removing the outer retaining band from the outside of the door seal (this one is connected at the bottom with two sets of interlocking teeth). Put the band to one side and begin to work the seal away from the body of the machine.

Step 4 - Remove The Old Door Seal

At this moment in time you will not be able to remove the seal completely, as there will be some obstacles in your way. There is a water feed pipe (with a retaining clip around it), and because this model is also a dryer, we have an air vent (with a retaining band around it). To release the clip on the water feed pipe you can just grab a screwdriver to use in there. To remove the retaining band around the air vent, we can simply pull the seal clean away.

The only thing keeping the door seal in the machine now is the lip of the door seal itself, so to release that you just need to get a good grip on the seal and work it away from the inside of the machine.

There’s an elasticated band round the inside - but once you work the seal away from the inside of the machine, that’ll come off nicely as well.

Step 5 - Fit The New Door Seal

Time to get that new door seal in now..the door seal only goes on one way so it’s essential you put it on correctly. The inner lip on the door seal goes on the inner part of the machine and it’s kept in place by this tension spring - which just pops into the channel.

The outer lip is the one that’s kept in place by the retaining band. On this door seal there is a gap for the air vent, and a little tube for the water feed pipe to go on and they need to be aligned.

Please Note: You may not have these on your door seal - but what you will have is the drain holes at the bottom of the seal. When putting the door seal back on you’ve got to make sure that those are at 6 o’clock when the seal is in place.

Step 6 - Ensure All Is Fitted Securely & Attach The Door

In this video we have secured the bottom half of the seal onto the inner rim of the door. Now you might need some patience for this bit, as it is quite a tough job.

eSpares Top Tip: An extra pair of hands certainly comes in handy for this part of the process. If your helper could hold onto the bottom half of the seal, you can make sure that the top half of the seal is nice and secure.

Once that’s all done, you need to secure it in place with this tension spring. Again another pair of hands comes in handy so your helper can help you hold the seal down, while you locate the tension spring around the top.

Next up, you need to secure the air vent part of the seal to the air vent, which you can do by using the retaining band to secure into place. Same with the water feed pipe – pop that back into the seal and clamp it using the clamp provided and a pair of pliers.

Once that’s done secure the outer lip of the seal. Once that’s on, grab your outer retaining band: put that into position, making sure it’s as tight as it’ll go. Now all that’s left to do is to pop the door back on.

Well there you have it - you have replaced the door seal in your washer dryer, you can now continue doing the washing with the peace of mind that you have a working seal to help avoid potential water leaks.

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Need To Locate The Correct Door Seal For Your Washing Machine?

Here at eSpares, we have a wide-range of replacement washing machine seals for you to select from - so you can soon be on your way to repairing it yourself.

If you need any advice regarding repairs to your appliances at home, eSpares provide many helpful advice articles in our advice centre  If you know the specific part that you are after you can find a whole array of various spares across your home and garden appliances on the eSpares website.

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