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How to Clean Carpet Stains- eSpares Tests Bissell Stomp 'N Go

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Bissell have introduced a new cleaning product designed specifically for use in the home, the Stomp 'N Go.

Stomp ‘N Go pads are pre-moistened cloths which measure 10cm x 20cm and can be used on fresh or set in stains in and around your home, and they’ve been created to remove even the toughest of stains from carpets including wine, pet messes, mud, cola, coffee, blood and fruit juices.

  • Simply remove a pad from the pack and place it over any fresh or set in stain. But, be sure to first remove any excess liquid from a fresh stain.
  • Gently step on the pad to work the solution into the affected area. No scrubbing or bending down required.
  • Once the solution has worked into the stain, leave the pad on for 30 minutes and for tougher stains leave the pad on for up to 24 hours.
  • Remove and discard the pad, before vacuuming the cleaned area, and you're done.

Conducting Our Own Test:

We heard a lot of hype about these pads and so wanted to conduct a few tests ourselves before offering them to our customers.


Red Wine

We spilt red wine on one sample which we then cleaned straight away.  

We spilt coffee on the carpet sample on Friday afternoon and let it sit over the weekend.


Red spill

The freshly spilled red wine stain was a bit stubborn. Firstly, we dabbed all the excess liquid. Then we gave it quite a few strong 'stomps' to really work the solution into the stain. We also decided to leave it on overnight for a maximum clean.



coffee spill

The set in coffee stain began to lift really quickly and after a couple 'stomps' the Stomp 'N Go pad appeared to clean it almost straight away. We did decide however, to leave it on overnight for a maximum clean.



red wine after

For the fresh red wine stain we 'stomped' all of the solution from the pad into the carpet, quite vigorously. We thought it best to keep on overnight as initially you could still see some discolouration. After being left on for 24 hours the carpet appeared as new.




coffee spill after

The set in coffee stain began to lift instantly and we felt we didn't need to 'stomp' all of the solution as we had with the wine. However, to be absolutely safe we left on overnight. There is some discolouration around the edge but this is only where the solution didn't reach to. 

Our Verdict:

Overall we were impressed at how well the Stomp 'N Go pads work. They lifted both stains and as an added bonus smell really great (think really nice shampoo versus typical carpet cleaning scents.) As a group we feel confident with the results from the Stomp 'N Go pads.


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