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Hotpoint DWF50, DWM55 & FDW60 Dishwasher Error/Fault Codes

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If your Hotpoint DWF50, DWM55 or FDW60 dishwasher has stopped running and certain LEDs have lit up on the control panel, your machine is displaying an error code. The good news is if you know which fault each LED combination stands for you can decode the error and set about fixing your Hotpoint dishwasher.

These are the LEDs which will light up in various combinations when your machine is displaying an error.

LED 1 - Intensive

LED 2 – Normal

LED 3 – Economy (Eco)

LED 4 – Fast/Quick

LED 5 – Prewash

LED 6 - Delicate

Hotpoint Dishwasher LED Error Codes

Here are the LED combinations which correspond to each error code found in Hotpoint DWF50, DWM55 or FDW60 dishwashers.

LED 3 – Overfilling

This fault code will appear if too much water has been detected in your machine. This could be caused either by a faulty pressure switch (the part which monitors the amount of water in your machine), faulty wiring between the switch and the control board or a blockage in the hose connected to the pressure switch.

LED 4 – Hotpoint dishwasher not filling

If on the other hand your dishwasher is not filling with water there could be a problem with the water inlet valve that lets water into your machine. The error could also be due to the water tap connected to your appliance not being switched on, an issue with the inlet hose (that carries water into your machine) or the dishwasher wiring.

LED 5 – Thermistor circuit fault

The machine had detected a problem with the thermistor (the temperature sensor). Both the thermistor itself and the wiring between the thermistor and the control board will need checking.

LED 6 – Heating failure

If your machine has failed to heat the water inside this is most likely caused by one of two faulty parts. Check both the water heater and the thermostat in your dishwasher as well as the connections and wiring to them.

LED 3 + 4 – Drainage Problem

If the water in your dishwasher won’t drain, the filter, drain pump or outlet hose in your machine could be blocked. You’ll need to remove the blockage so that your dishwasher can drain freely again. This fault could also be caused by a faulty drain pump, in which case the pump may need replacing to get your dishwasher working again. It’s also worth checking the wiring and connections to the pump.

For more information watch our video on dishwasher draining and motor problems:

LED 4 + 5 - Water Inlet Issue

This is another fault that indicates your machine is not filling with water as expected. As before check that the water supply to your machine is turned on, the inlet hose and valve that let water into the dishwasher don’t have any faults and that there’s no faulty wiring in the appliance. For this fault it’s also worth checking the water pressure switch that monitors the amount of water in the dishwasher as this could also be the cause of the problem.

LED 3 + 5 – Circulation pump error

You will see this fault code if the circulation pump has failed to pump water around your machine. A blocked filter could be to blame, or the pump itself could be faulty. It’s also possible that the motor start capacitor (the part which starts the motor that powers the pump) may be the cause of this fault, or it could be down to faulty wiring.

If it’s the filter that’s faulty here’s how to replace it:

LED 1 + 4 – Electronic control module error

If you see this error the control module in your machine will most likely need to either be reprogrammed or replaced. As reprogramming a control module required specialist equipment that’s quite pricey, for this fix we recommend either replacing the module completely or hiring a manufacturers agent to carry out the repair.

LED 4 + 6 – Heating circuit error

This is another error code to do with a heating problem in your machine. Once again the heater, thermostat and wiring and connections to both will need checking to get to the bottom of the cause.

LED 3 + 4 – Hardware version error

This is another problem with the control board in your machine and it will most likely need replacing to fix your dishwasher.

Be it sensor, switch or something else entirely, whatever the cause of your dishwasher problems you can find the spare parts you need to fix your machine on our site. Just have your model number handy (and if you don’t know it we tell you how to find it) to be sure you’re getting the right part to complete your fix. Then you can enjoy a fully functioning dishwasher again with no more getting your hands dirty in the washing up bowl! 

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