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eSpares Universal Oven Shelf & Grill Pan Set

If a shelf in your oven has become faulty, why not replace it with the universal oven shelf and grill pan set - which also allows you to make the most out of the space in your oven, as demonstrated in this eSpares video.

Video Transcript

This is the eSpares oven shelf and grill pan set, it consists of two extendable oven shelves, one oven base shelf and one grill pan. The extendable oven shelves pull out at either end and can fit any oven between 39 and 56 centimetres.

The oven base shelf has legs on the bottom which allows it to be stood up at the bottom of the oven cavity, providing a great place as a warming shelf, while the grill pan measures 30cm by 38.7cm. This oven shelf and grill pan set really allows you to take full advantage of all the space in your oven.

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