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Common Washing Machine Faults

Fault Diagnosis

Click on your specific Washing Machine fault to see causes and solutions.


Washing Machine is Leaking

Once you know the sequence of operations involved in the wash cycle, it is often possible to identify the cause of a fault by noting when it occurs. With a leak, the water itself provides an added clue:

  1. Water is CLEAR
    If there is no sign of detergent, the leak must be occurring before the water gets to the detergent tray.
  2. Water is SOAPY
    The door seal, sump hose or pump could be leaking.
  3. Water is DIRTY
    The blame could lie with a defective drain hose.

Washing Machine Won't Start

The following could cause your washing machine to not start:

  1. Door not shut
    Check that the door is properly shut.
  2. Faulty interlock
    A faulty interlock might not allow the door to shut properly. Find your door interlock here and replace, or contact a qualified repairer.
  3. No power
    Check the flex, plug wiring, fuse and mains supply for faults.
  4. Faulty on/off switch
    Check the power light if fitted. Replace your on/off switch.
  5. Water supply disconnected or off
    If a washer dryer cannot load water it cannot start a wash cycle. Check water supply.


Clothes Damaged

  1. Water overheating due to faulty programmer
    Replace faulty programmer or contact a qualified repairer.
  2. Water overheating due to faulty thermostat
    Replace faulty thermostat or contact a qualified repairer.
  3. Drum damaged or metal object in machine
    Contact a qualified repairer.


Clothes Still Dirty

  1. Detergent dispenser clogged
    Clean the detergent tray.
  2. Loose or broken belt
    Adjust or replace drive belt.
  3. Worn motor brushes
    Find and replace motor brushes or contact a qualified repairer.


Door Won't Open at End of Programme

  1. Worn door seal
    Old door seals can become sticky with age and adhere to the glass. Carefully ease the door open, then replace door seal.
  2. Water still in machine
    Repeat the spin cycle to operate the pump again. Inspect the filter and clean if necessary. Inspect the outlet hoses for kinks or blockages.
  3. Door interlock faulty
    Find and replace faulty door interlock or contact a qualified repairer.
  4. Door handle broken
    Replace door handle.


Drum Won't Rotate

  1. Loose or worn drive belt
    Adjust or replace belt.
  2. Worn motor brushes
    Find and replace motor brushes or contact a qualified repairer.
  3. Faulty timer
    Find and replace faulty timer or contact a qualified repairer.

Machine Overfills and Floods

  1. Inlet valve open, or pressure switch not operating
    Disconnect machine from power supply. If water continues to flow in, the hot or cold inlet valve is faulty. Discover which one by turning off each tap in turn. Replace the faulty valve. If water stops flowing in, the pressure system is at fault. Contact a qualified repairer.
  2. Drain hose positioned too low
    Make sure the drain hose is at a height recommended in the manufacturer's instructions.


No Water Entering

  1. Inlet hose kinked
    Free trapped hose.
  2. Taps turned off
    Open taps.
  3. Inlet valve filter blocked
    Clean or replace valve filter.
  4. Pressure system blocked
    The pressure system can become blocked in a pressurised state. This causes the appliance to think that it is full of water. Contact a qualified repairer.


Stuck on Wash Cycle

  1. Faulty timer
    Advance the programme to spin cycle. Find and replace faulty timer or contact a qualified repairer.
  2. Faulty heater
    Find and replace faulty heater or contact a qualified repairer.
  3. Faulty thermostat
    Find and replace faulty thermostat or contact a qualified repairer.


Washer Doesn't Fill with Water

  1. Hoses not correctly connected
    Check that the water supply is properly connected to the machine.
  2. Rubber hose constricted
    Ensure hose supplying water is as straight as possible and isn't bent or squashed.


Washer/Dryer Doesn't Dry

  1. No water supply to condenser unit
    Check water supply is properly connected. 
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