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Common Pressure Washer Faults

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Pressure Washer Does Not Start:

Pulsating Pump or Pressure Fluctuations:

  • Inlet filter blocked – check and clean the pressure washer’s inlet filter.
  • Internal tubes or valves could be worn – contact a qualified engineer to carry out the required repair.
  • Hose too long – replace it with a shorter hose. Ideally, to prevent pressure loss hoses should be no longer than 30m.

Low Flow Rate and Chemical Injection:

Try the following steps:

  1. There could be air in the system. Try turning off the pump and holding the trigger open for a few moments, before turning it back on. If this does not fix the problem, continue to steps two and three.
  2. Check the water supply tap is open and the inlet valve is not blocked.
  3. Check if the nozzle on the lance is blocked, you could also try a new lance nozzle.

No Pressure (Pressure Washer Doesn’t Reach Operating Pressure):

  • Wrong mains voltage – check the mains voltage corresponds to the specification of the machine.
  • Plug not connected – connect the plug.
  • Defective socket – try another socket.
  • Fuse blown – change the fuse.
  • Defective extension cable – try the pressure washer without the extension cable.
  • Thermal switch tripped out – leave the unit off for a few minutes. If the switch does not reset automatically, or continues to trip, contact a qualified engineer.

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