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Common Fridge and Freezer Faults

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Fault Diagnosis

Click on your fridge or freezer fault, below, to see causes and solutions:


Fridge Too Cold or Too Warm

  • Thermostat tube blocked or covered
    Check thermostat accuracy.
  • Thermostat control loose or slipping
    Check and replace control knob.
  • Frost build-up
    Defrost fridge.
  • Door seal ineffective
    Check seal is clean and has no tears in it. Clean or replace door gasket.
  • Faulty thermostat
    Replace fridge thermostat or contact a qualified repairer.

Fridge Freezer Not Cooling and Interior Light Off

  • Faulty power supply
    Check mains lead, wiring inside plug, and plug fuse for faults. Replace fuse if necessary.
  • Faulty mains supply
    Check mains supply to wall socket by plugging in another appliance that you know is working.


Fridge Freezer Not Working But Light On


Light Not Working

  • Bulb blown
    Replace fridge light bulb with correct type and wattage.
  • Door switch faulty
    Clean away any dirt around switch. If it still doesn't work, replace switch or contact a qualified repairer.

Compressor Motor Running Continuously


Freezer Often Needs Defrosting


Water Accumulates in The Base of The Fridge

  • Blocked drainer tube
    Remove debris with a bent coat-hanger, taking care not to puncture the tube. The drainer tube is a small rubber cylinder in the back wall of the fridge compartment. Two water channels converge, making a 'V' shape, and the drainer tube can be found at bottom edge of the 'V'.

Freezer Makes a Noise When It Clicks Off

  • Faulty compressor
    The compressor pump mounting may be loose, allowing it to bang against side of unit. Disconnect from mains supply and tighten mounting bolts or screws. If this is not possible, contact a qualified repairer.


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