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Common Dishwasher Faults

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Fault Diagnosis

Click on your fault to see common causes and solutions.


Machine does not function

  • No power
    Check flex, plug wiring, fuse and mains supply for faults. 
  • Door switch not closed
    Check loading of items and that door is properly closed. 
  • No water
    Ensure water supply is present and turned on. Check for hose filter blockages. 


No water present

  • No water supply
    Ensure water supply is present and turned on. 
  • Inlet valve blocked or faulty
    Check for blockages. Continuity test the valve's operation with a multimeter. If necessary, replace the inlet valve


Does not wash clean


Does not empty

  • Sump strainer or filter blocked
    Clean the filter
  • Blocked sump or drain hose
    Check and clear. 
  • Faulty drain pump motor
    Contact a qualified repairer. 


White streaks on dishes

  • Insufficient or no salt
    Check the salt dispenser. 
  • Machine not rinsing properly
    Contact a qualified repairer. 
  • Softener unit faulty
    Contact a qualified repairer. 


Ring marks on glass items

  • Too little rinse aid
    Check level and setting. Top up if necessary. 


Glass items sticky

  • Too much rinse aid
    Check rinse aid setting. Top up if necessary. 
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